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It all started with an earthquake in Washington DC in summer of 2011. I was lucky enough to be home with my three dogs and could see firsthand how scary that natural disaster felt to them. After the initial panic, I took them out to the street—to be on the safe side. And there, in the middle of the city , in Adams Morgan, I heard heart-breaking sounds of dogs howling. I had never paid much attention to how many dogs lived in my neighborhood. But on that day, while walking my dogs along Adams Morgan streets, I felt as if those cries were behind each locked door. Those animals must have been scared to death cooped up all alone, under lock and key and with no escape. I wanted to hug and comfort all of them, tell them that it was going to be all right. That was the day when a small and still hesitant seed was planted into my subconscious. That seed would in a few years sprout into a dog hotel idea.

My dogs had a big role to play, too. I have three: two Italian Greyhounds and a whippet. They are all rescues and had had life experiences prior to adoption that I would not wish on anyone. Their rehabilitation process was long and difficult for both them and me. Owing to their story, I always feel extremely guilty leaving them at a kennel while I travel. And of course, that feeling of guilt impacted my vacations in a negative way.

Finally, demographic changes of the past two decades that occurred in Washington DC, have altered our lives. The city is booming with new people moving into it every day. And they don’t move alone, but with their dogs! So I wondered what all those dog people did with their pets when they had to travel for business or leisure. That is how my dog hotel was born.

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The main concept was making the hotel feel like a dogs’ home away from home to mitigate their feeling of sadness, anxiety, or homesickness. Hence, free roaming and absolutely no crating. Lots of soft and cozy places for them to lounge and sleep on. Comfortable low furniture to jump on and off. And toys. Tons of toys. We have a huge toy chest that is constantly replenished. Plus, good friends to play with. But not too many friends. In order to give each dog individual attention, I limit the number of daycare clients to six or seven and boarding clients to a maximum of three. This way, I always know how well each dog ate, slept, and played during the day. I also send their humans plenty of pictures and video updates. My greys and I accept only small to medium size dogs.

We are located in the historic Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC. The hotel is housed in a beautiful 19th-century school building on a quiet residential block of the 17th Street, has an open floor plan and a private, gated garden. We are steps away from the Meridian Hill Park and a dog park on S Street. The garden where they spend a lot of time playing and lounging. is completely fenced in and has enough pillows and dog beds for everyone. I am at home full-time, so dogs are never left unattended.

So, if you have a dog or two and need a place for them to stay when you travel, contact me to set up an initial meeting. We look forward to meeting you and your furry family member.

Adams Morgan neighborhood in the center of Washington DC

Meridian Hill Park

S Street dog park


Irina has truly made the difference in Odin’s little chihuahua world. She took a chance on him knowing he was a little fearful and still figuring out his “second life” as a rescued senior dog. In the year we have been sending Odin to doggy daycare here we have been so impressed with his strides. It’s hard to leave your dog with anyone-especially when you feel like you’re the only one who could know their quirks. I can say with full confidence Irina not only learns the quirks of each dog but she brings out the best in each of them, too. Irina loves each dog for all they are and I wouldn’t want Odin’s home away from home to be anywhere else.


My dog Touffy takes the stairs to Irina’s house in 2 seconds. Her tail is wagging and she looks super happy to be arriving at her second home in the morning. Irina must be an amazing host because it is clear that Touffy loves her a lot. She also loves her friends at “school” and the funniest thing is their greet and kiss routine when they meet in the morning.


Ever since my dog started staying at Irina’s almost a year ago, I knew he was safe and cared for by her. I try to linger for a bit as I drop Pogo off because I so enjoy watching Irina loving all our four legged friends. The dogs all look so
content and happy to be there. I would never go to another dog sitter. She’s absolutely the best!


When my dog realizes that we're near District of Canine, he gets so excited that he literally pulls me up the stairs to the door. He simply can't wait to greet Irina and start playing with his pup pals. I never feel guilty leaving my dog in Irina's care because he's so excited to see her and her other canine clients and visit the space that Irina has created that safe and fun for dogs for a day of play, snooze, play, repeat.


I am SO grateful to have found Irina - she provides outstanding care to my senior pup (and all her clients) on our many repeat visits. Buddy gets so excited when we get to her house because he knows he'll have so much fun, and it's such a relief to me that he will be loved and cared for like one of her own. I recommend Irina's boarding and day care services to all of my close friends!



Prior to your first booking, all new dogs need to come in for a quick meet-and-greet (or meet-and-sniff) visit to ensure everyone gets along. All dogs need to have up-to-date vaccinations. Please provide instructions for medications your dog is taking and your veterinarian’s contact information. Boarding clients provide their own food, treats, and chew toys. Please bring a favorite toy, bed and/or blanket and something that carries your smell (for example, a sock or tee).


$35/10 hours


Additional hours are billed at per-hour rate.




Additional hours are booked as follows: up to 5 h–at per-hour rate, over 5 h–at full daycare rate



Holiday Rates are 20% higher than regular rates and apply to such major American holidays as: Christmas/New Year, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and holiday weekends


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If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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