I recently had someone ask me what they should do if they feel a neighbour’s dog is being neglected. I immediately replied, “Report it.”

Not That Kind Of Person

I assured the woman that the council wouldn’t divulge her details to anyone, and she said, “But I don’t want to be the type of neighbour who dobs others in. I don’t want to be that kind of person.”

My reply was, “What kind of person? The kind of person who cares? Tell me, why is your first concern you? The dog is the one being neglected, so why are you worried foremost about yourself?”

The woman was silently thoughtful.

I continued: “Let me ask you this: if we were talking about a human child, would you even hesitate for one second in calling the authorities to report the neglect? Would you be at all concerned about things like giving your details to them or being ‘that’ type of neighbour or ‘that’ kind of person? No, you wouldn’t. Not even a little bit. You’d be on the phone in a heartbeat. So why is it different because the victim of neglect happens to be a dog? This dog needs you – YOU are the dog’s only hope, so stop worrying about yourself and help that poor dog.”

An Amazing Response!

I was pretty tough on that woman, I’m sure you’ll agree. I don’t ever like to mince words, and this goes double when I’m on the subject of neglect or abuse. And I have to say that I was stunned by her answer. She replied, “What you’ve said makes sense. Thank you.”

Amazing, right?

I was not only astounded at how well the woman took what I said, but I also felt a lot of respect for her. She openly listened to some hard-to-hear words and took them right on the chin. I was immensely impressed.

Please Please Please Help Dogs In Need

The point of this Dog Blog is a reminder that caring humans are the only hope for neglected and abused dogs. If no one steps in to help them, they will receive no help. They can’t make the phonecall themselves so, please, when you see neglect or abuse, REPORT IT.

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