KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (AP) – Tank, a large 2-year-old Newfoundland dog who fits the name, was getting ready for an out of the ordinary procedure on Nov. 9.

His owner, Jill Lienert, said that Tank suffers from a form of arthritis, which has caused some complications in the past. Lienert said that they didn’t originally think he would make it past two years because of how severe his hips are.

Lienert’s veterinarian, Dr. Doug McInnis, clued her in on a stem cell clinical trial that could help Tank for the better.

“We want him to live a long life,” Lienert said. “If this stem cell thing works, it’ll give him a whole new lease on life.”

Tank is one of 27 dogs involved with the program at West Ridge Animal Hospital in Klamath Falls. Animal Cell Therapies, a San Diego company with more than nine years of experience in the field, is sponsoring the tests. Other than West Ridge, there’s only one other veterinary clinic in Southern California that’s part of the program.

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